• Mad Chad Taylor Wows NWC with juggling skills

    Mad Chad Taylor Wows NWC with juggling skills

    MaKenzie Beck, Reporter

    October 15, 2014

    Mad Chad Taylor performed an extreme juggling performance to an audience of NWC students at the Nelson Performing Arts auditorium. Originally from Santa Monica, Calif., Taylor created a career juggling in a variety of shows and commercials. He also acquired a Guinness World Record for juggling chainsaws. Mad... READ MORE »»

    MaKenzie Beck

  • International peacemaker speaks at NWC’s campus

    International peacemaker speaks at NWC’s campus

    Abbe Breeding, Managing Editor

    October 15, 2014

    A Middle East peace advocate from the International Peace Program, came to NWC last Thursday to discuss political unrest and equal education opportunities. Ibrahim Makram is the Senior Director for Development in the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services. He works with the program to reduce... READ MORE »»

    Ashleigh Taylor

  • Bowling night offers outlet for NWC students

    Bowling night offers outlet for NWC students

    Jackie Hulse, Reporter

    October 15, 2014

    The local bowling alley provides a place to hang out and eat food for college students. Every Tuesday night Hutch’s Classic Lanes hosts a college night and any student with a student ID can bowl for $2 dollars, $1 for shoes and $1 per game. “It’s pretty fun most of the time, you meet a lot of... READ MORE »»

    Bowling pins are set at Hutch’s Classic Lanes for college bowling night, which is hosted every Tuesday. College Bowling night offers students discounted games, shoes and cheap dinner options.

    Jackie Hulse

  • Lost weekend for Trapper men

    Lost weekend for Trapper men

    Marc Lamberger, Reporter

    October 15, 2014

    It was a sad picture last Friday evening on the soccer field. The Trapper men stood around the bench, silent, reflective, annoyed. Erik Wehse, goalkeeper and captain of NWC, watched the scoreboard after all of his teammates left the field. It seemed that he couldn’t believe his team didn’t win against... READ MORE »»

    Alert in the box of Western Nebraska: Marco Gutierrez misses a cross after 78 minutes, but not Sam White. He scored the post with a header. Gutierrez scored an important goal a few minutes later for NWC.

    Jackie Hulse


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Board of Trustees approves funding for Oliver Building

NWC President Stefani Hicswa sent out a press release Tuesday explaing the current situation and future plans for the Oliver Building. At the board meeting on Monday the Trustees approved funding not to exceed $150,000 for...  Read More »

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Powell sky watchers observe a rare lunar eclipse

Powell sky watchers observe a rare lunar eclipse

Matthew Strissel, Editor-in-chief

Those who were willing to stay awake from 3 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning got to view a lunar eclipse as they looked up at the night sky. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves in to the Earth’s shadow on the...  Read More »

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Oil painter displays work at Northwest Gallery

Audra Bintz, Reporter

Sarah Williams was the special guest artist at the Northwest gallery, showing her “Peripheral 36” exhibit. This event had a strong attendance from NWC faculty and community members of Powell and surrounding areas. “I’m...  Read More »

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Lady Trappers under pressure in Colorado

The Lady Trappers learned a lesson on the soccer field. They learned how a team could defeat itself last Saturday. NWC got a 4-1 loss to Laramie after...  Read More »

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Movie Reviews

Noises Off will make you roll on the floor laughing

Luke Tilley, Reporter

Once upon a time in 1970, English playwright Michael Frayn watched a performance of one of his comedies not as part of the audience, but from backstage. The play was a farce,...  Read More »

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