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Dorm Cable Fixed

Alexandria Preis, Reporter

After cable television was out for over a month on campus; NWC students are finally able to watch their favorite programs again. “We ran into a few infrastructure issues but we’re up and running now,” said Dee Havig,...  Read More »

October 29, 2014 • 0 comments

NWC waits with anticipation for Einstein Bagels

MaKenzie Beck, Reporter

In September, NWC students and officials were anticipating the addition of Einstein Bagels on campus. However, a month later no progress has been made. The dilemma is brought about by unforeseen complications. “The...  Read More »

October 29, 2014 • 0 comments

The spooky truth about organic foods

Emily Drinkwater, Reporter

Over the years, traditional farming methods have evolved to be able to produce large crops able to sustain an ever-evolving nation by using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The less traditional method of organic farming...  Read More »

October 29, 2014 • 0 comments

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NWC Trail Archives


Strong history, leads to promising season

If you look at an edition of the Northwest Trail from November 2001 you’ll see a picture of a woman with a ponytail playing basketball. “Freshmen Janis...  Read More »

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Movie Reviews

Maniac: technically well-done but will make you sick

Luke Tilley, Reporter

If you haven’t seen “Maniac,” I can’t say I’m doing you much of a service by making you aware of it, yet here we are. “Maniac” is a French-American film that...  Read More »

October 29, 2014 • 0 comments

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Meet Our Staff!

Matthew Strissel, Staff Writer
Matthew Strissel

Staff Writer

I’m Matthew Strissel and I’m a non-traditional freshman at NWC majoring in photographic communications. I also write articles and take photographs for the Northwest Trail student newspaper. I was born...  Read More »

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